{how to} valentines day banner

D.I.Y. idea for your valentines party.

{what you will need; mini glue dots, 3 or more paper choices, stickers, ribbon & cropper}

step 1. to get started you will need to take some of your paper & cut it to the shape/size you want your banner to be. use the 1st shape as a stencil, continue cutting until you have as many pieces as you want.
step 2. now that you have all of your paper cut for your banner go ahead & get out your mini glue dots & attach 3 to each corner that will be attached.

step 3. here is the fun part, get creative use buttons, stickers, glitter, whatever you can come up with to make your banner cute & unique!
step 4. attach banner & ENJOY!

{photos via kaysi fox}

simple, huh? this probably took me about 15 minutes total & i LOVE it! it is such a nice touch for your home or for above a v.day candy bar! FABUlous!

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