cOtToN cAnDy SuGaR rUsH. ♥

i just LOVE this website {link on the favorite sites list on side bar} this fellow sacramento girl just has an eye for style. her & her mother in law are trying to win the martha stewart DIY craft contest! click on this link and vote for them {http://contributors.marthastewartweddings.com:80/portal/index.html?ctrl:id=window.default.ContestWindow&ctrl:type=render&ctrl:windowstate=maximized&offs}! i think they have got it in the back! what a great idea!!! you can do this for a place card, sign in or cake table at your wedding...even try this at your bridal shower. i just love it--such a chic idea to add that perfect bit of class to your event! look what a table cloth, fake hydrangeas and some glue did! she's got my creative juices flowing!!! this girl also sells RAD hair bows {like the ones you see lady gaga wear--check her site out she is really talented}

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